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At SAIS, we aim to ensure that transition to our school is a positive experience for new families and we are happy to support you and answer all your queries throughout the admissions process.

At many schools the admissions process can be overwhelming—but not at SAIS. We are dedicated to making this a smooth and easy experience for you.

Early learning
Please take time to read and familiarize yourself with the steps in our admissions procedure below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information via phone or email.

If you are in Sihanoukville, come over to SAIS for a tour! We would be delighted to meet you.

Please contact our office by email admission-sais@gmail.com or phone (+855) 015 588 598 to schedule a time.

We look forward to talking to you!

step 1 – admissions form
Please download the Admissions Form using the link below, complete it and send it via email to academicsais@gmail.com

step 2 – necessary documents
After sending the Admission Form (one per student) please email us the following

  • Completed health records pertaining to any issue(s) noted in the Application Form and parents agreement. Those that do not appear in English need to be officially translated.
  • Official school records and transcripts for a minimum of the two years prior to the desired date of enrolment at SAIS. Those that do not appear in English need to be officially translated.
  • Two current, colour passport-size photos of the applicant.
  • A copy of the current passport or birth certificate that provides proof of the applicant’s month, day and year of birth.
  • A copy of the current passport of each parent, or official guardian, of the applicant.
    The SAIS admissions office will work with each applicant to ensure their application for enrolment is complete.

step 3 – application fee
Once the application form has been completed and the necessary documents provided, the school will generate an invoice for the Application Fee (which is automatically sent by SAIS to the fee payer according to the information provided by you in the online registration). This non-refundable fee of $35 covers the cost of processing the application.

step 4 – interview
An in-person interview with your child will be scheduled with a teacher or school counselor, along with English Language testing and any other required testing.

step 5 – review process
SAI School Administration will review the case of each applicant and inform the parents or official guardians of their child’s acceptance or non-qualifying status in a timely manner.

step 6 – full enrollment
Your child will be considered full enrolled upon payment of the final school invoice.

Download our Admissions Application Form
Admissions Application Form  and also please see Price list